English tranlation available!


The English translation is finally available! It still needs to be corrected but the game is fully translated, so give it a look!

I'd really appreciate if you report the biggest mistakes ;)

A little bug has also been fixed on all versions.

Thank you for reading, I hope you'll enjoy my game!


ENGLISH-Kudourt-0.91-pc.zip 60 MB
45 days ago
ENGLISH-Kudourt-0.91-mac.zip 43 MB
45 days ago
FRENCH-Kudourt-0.91-pc.zip 60 MB
46 days ago
FRENCH-Kudourt-0.91-mac.zip 43 MB
46 days ago
EASY-FRENCH-Kudourt-0.91-pc.zip 60 MB
46 days ago
EASY-FRENCH-Kudourt-0.91-mac.zip 43 MB
46 days ago

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