About coming 0.92 version


I'm taking time for uploading the next update since I'm being quite busy at university, but it should be available in some days if everything works well.

Next update will be adding :

  • A whole French-English glossary including around 800 words and expressions from the story (easy French version only)
  • A better presentation for the main menu and the choice menus
  • Some bug & text fixes
  • Maybe a Swedish translation of the whole game (only 25% is done by now)

What's planned  for later versions? 

  • The English translation must be corrected by a native speaker.
  • An easier in-game access to the French-English glossary, maybe using hyperlinks or chapter-by-chapter small glossaries. (easy French version only)
  • I'm still planning to make the "Field to Ukip" path longer by adding a funny encounter.
  • Some work is slowly being started for the character design... I really hope something will be done about it for main characters at least.
  • Some people are willing to record voices, so either the French or the easy French version might be voiced some day!

All this just to say that I'm still actively working on Kudourt, even if there's been no devlog since more than a week.

Feel free to give any suggestion or comment,

Have fun!


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